24 bags of flavored black tea for the Earl Grey connoisseur in you!

Discover this selection of black teas offered in bags so you can slip them into your pocket and take them wherever you go!

Start your experience with some renowned Earl Grey, a black tea flavored with bergamot whose reputation precedes it. Next, awaken all your senses with Earl Grey Intense, a revisited version whose intensely fragrant character is sure to stir up some emotions! Continue the flavor adventure and give in to Anastasia, a subtle blend of black tea, bergamot, lemon, and orange blossom, and Prince Vladimir, the most seductive Early Grey with tangy notes of grapefruit, orange, and lime. Last but not least, travel back in time with two historical teas: Bouquet of Flowers N°108, the first recipe from Kusmi Tea, which will delight you with its blend of Earl Grey, citrus, and Ylang-Ylang; and St. Petersburg, an indulgent blend of Earl Grey, caramel, and red fruits, sweetened with hints of vanilla.

There are a multitude of legends surrounding Earl Grey. The English earl, Charles Grey, supposedly brought back the blend from a trip to China in the early 19th century. Another claims that Grey received a bergamot as a gift and decided to drop a slice of it in his tea. Or perhaps one of the Grey family’s servants did it? One thing is for sure: This tea is excellent!

Kind of like Cake Pops - Just a whole lot better!

Please note that we can do gluten friendly, vegan, dairy friendly, nut friendly, kosher and alcohol friendly baking. However, we do have gluten, dairy, nuts and alcohol in the facility and cannot 100% guarantee it has not come in contact.

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