The irresistible White Anastasia is the descendent of the iconic organic tea by Kusmi. 
Just like night and day, these two conspiratorial beauties complement each other perfectly. One glows like the dawn while the other is dark like the dusk. The original blend boasts a bold, rebellious character, but White Anastasia is as pure and light as white tea, delicate like orange blossom, and zingy and bright like the bergamot and lemon that round off this incredibly sophisticated blend.
Give White Anastasia carte blanche during your breaks throughout the day!
Organic tea available in loose leaf (because it’s also good for the planet) or in teabags for when you’re on the go.


White tea* (70%), green tea* (29%), bergamot and sweet lime essential oils, natural lemon flavor, natural orange blossom flavor *Organically grown ingredients
Orange blossom (natural flavor)

Orange blossom (natural flavor)

Bergamot essential oil

Bergamot essential oil

White tea

White tea

$30.0090g tin

Kind of like Cake Pops - Just a whole lot better!

Please note that we can do gluten friendly, vegan, dairy friendly, nut friendly, kosher and alcohol friendly baking. However, we do have gluten, dairy, nuts and alcohol in the facility and cannot 100% guarantee it has not come in contact.

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