Scent discoveries convinced Melanie that travel and memories have a strong relationship with scent. A simple walk in a Parisian park, a curious stroll in a Versailles market place, and aimless fascination in Cannes. Voyage et cie’s conception bloomed from this uncovering.   Eau De Parfume 50ml.  Paraben-free, vegan, no animal testing.  

$125.00St Tropez$125.00Capris lime basil$125.00Malibu$125.00Quarter Latin$125.00Musee carnevalet$125.00Opera$125.00Dirty whore$125.00Tabacco vanilla

Please note that we can do gluten friendly, vegan, dairy friendly, nut friendly, kosher and alcohol friendly baking. However, we do have gluten, dairy, nuts and alcohol in the facility and cannot 100% guarantee it has not come in contact.

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